Poster by Darren Buck

Teaser (3 minutes)

The midwestern town of Halfglory Junction, 1995. A misfit teenager revives a legendary yet forsaken demolition derby in an attempt to find his long-missing father, who he believes was the 1978 triple-crown derby champ.



Genre: Feature Comedy/Drama.  Registered WGAw 2012


Screenplay by Andrew Mudge and Brad Wheelwright. Project currently in development with Braven Films.

STORYBOARD SAMPLES (screenplay pages 1-4)


A typical small town barbershop in a row of brick storefronts. A BOY (10) approaches, wearing a crisp white shirt and neatly pressed khaki pants. He carries a bagpipe under one of his arms.

The boy pauses and draws a deep, measured breath. He opens the door...


The boy enters the shop, solemnly meeting the gazes of the BARBER and his CUSTOMERS. 

BAGPIPE BOY: The Reverend Samuel Goodfellow...

At attentive pause. The barber leans forward, concerned.

BAGPIPE BOY: … is dead.

Looks of shock and horror show upon the faces of the barber and customers. The boy ceremoniously lifts the bagpipe mouthpiece to his lips, fills his lungs, and begins to play. Somber BAGPIPE MUSIC drones, and more reactions of sudden grief are conveyed as... 


A DINER WAITRESS stares down at the coffee pot in her hand.

The PROPRIETOR of a farm supply store stands frozen in the act of hanging up a telephone.

A LIBRARIAN closes a book and slowly lays down her ink stamp.

A GAS STATION ATTENDANT removes his hat and leans heavily against the fuel pump.

Several shocked TOWNSFOLK, standing stock still on the sidewalk and in the street, stare solemnly at the ground. The somber mood is well matched with the somewhat rundown mainstreet of this lost-in-time, mid-western farming town. 

STORYBOARD SAMPLES (screenplay pages 25-27)


Wilks, who has loaded the next reel, sets it turning. Images of a demolition derby are cast upon the side of Lonnie’s face. We hold on this for a long moment, and then…                          



1. Derby action. Dust flying, tires spinning, bumpers tangling, and a grandstand crowd whipped into a frenzy. 

2. Clusters of wreckage. Only two cars are left, squared off across the arena. The first is a mottled grey station wagon painted with a black skull. The second is “THE COMMODORE OF CRASH”, just seen in Wilks’s photographs. Spitting dirt, it speeds up and goes into a skidding spin. A gasp from the crowd as its rear bumper connects solidly with the skull car’s grille. A plume of radiator steam. Victory.

3. The triumphant driver, LONNIE’S FATHER, climbs out of “THE COMMODORE OF CRASH” and pulls off his helmet. The crowd cheers as he strides across to the rail, where he grabs YOUNG LORRAINE and dips her backward into a passionate kiss. A star- struck REPORTER appears at their side. 

REPORTER: Hey champ, nice finish! Was that a Toledo torpedo you aced just then?

LONNIE'S FATHER: Sorta. I modified it with the first part of a honey pit power slide.

REPORTER: Well congratulations. Triple crown it is! And will this little lady be the centerpiece of your pit crew?

YOUNG LORRAINE: Damn right! Back seat goes all the way to the trunk. If the car's a'lurchin', don't you come a'perchin'!

4. Young Lorraine stands high on her toes to ardently french kiss Lonnie’s Father as he hangs out the window of a school bus.

5. TRIPLE CROWN #1 (THE SCHOOL BUS DERBY) -- Lonnie’s Father pulls his bus away from another that he has just tipped over. Its driver climbs out and stands on the bus’s side, shaking a fist in anger.