The Forgotten Kingdom

Feature Film, 2013

A young man returns to his native Lesotho to bury his father, and finds himself drawn toward the mystical beauty and hardships of the people and land he had forgotten. 

Written and Directed by Andrew Mudge. Produced by T.R. Boyce, Pieter Lombaard, Cecil Matlou, and Andrew Mudge. Distributed by Kino Lorber (USA), Indigenous Films (SA), and Munro Films (UK).


The Alexandra Project, 2016 (short film/music video)  A reinterpretation from the musical Les Miserables, set in the South African township of Alexandra. Featuring South African singer/performer Melo. 

Meshkanu, 2012 (short documentary). The story of Innu elder and environmental activist Elizabeth Penashue, and a three week snowshoe trek she embarks on across the interior of Labrador, Newfoundland, to bring awareness to the survival of the Innu people.

Knights of Bostonia (music video). Official State Radio music video. Winner of MTV viewer's choice award.

Calling All Crows (music video). Official State Radio music video.

The Perfect Gooseys (short film, 35mm). Winner of The Hamptons Film Festival and Los Angeles Short Film Fest. Distributed by HBO Cinemax and Shorts International.

Chicken Pox Pal (16mm, short film). Official selection, Sundance Film Festival.