Our clients represent a diverse range of multimedia projects. Here are some of the videos we have made for them.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School - Promotional Video

Minuteman - A Revolution in Learning

Minuteman - The Competitive Advantage

Congo Ski Club

March 2013. Luigi MacBrayne leads a group of mountaineers to the top of the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The mission is to ski some of the last remaining glaciers in Africa. Produced by Andrew Mudge Edited by Andrew Mudge and Rob Gilmour Assistant Editor - Brittany Ross. 


Ally's Kitchen - Cookbook Trailer

Amish: Out of the Order

Amish: Out of the Order tells the story of Amish youth who leave their communities behind to assimilate themselves into the "English" world. This segment, produced and filmed by Mudge, follows a 17 year old Amish runaway named Amos Miller, who drives from Missouri to Wisconsin to pick up his cousin Jonas, who has also decided to leave the Amish.

Crossroads Academy - School Video


Elastic Lab: Blacktop Chronicles

Trust for Public Land: NYC Playgrounds Project